Book Review
Prevention Diaries
Jan 30, 2017 - 4:34:40 PM

( - It’s nearly impossible to cut through all the noise right now, but if you sift through recent articles on healthcare, the ACA, Medicare, and so on, you will find one word popping up repeatedly: preventionPREVENTION DIARIES by Larry Cohen is indispensable with its wise observations and simple approach to shaping policy with a personal flare.

Cohen led the movement for the U.S.’s first multi-city no smoking laws and he has gone on to do so much more as the head of the Prevention Institute out of Oakland, California with offices in Los Angeles and Washington, DC. PREVENTION DIAIRES is his call to action and as you can see from this sample from the book, he is passionate about his area of expertise:

The sweeping community prevention successes captured throughout Prevention Diariesunderscore the value of investing and reinvesting in prevention initiatives and the urgent need to emphasize such strategies in future thinking and policy. As more people start to understand prevention at the community level and engage as prevention advocates, we’ll gain col­lective strength in pushing for the kind of community and political change our nation needs and inpushing back against those who have an interest in maintaining the unhealthy status quo. As this momentum snowballs, we’ll advance the conditions needed to transform the current sick- care system into a true health system. Now is the time for all of us to work together to get it right.




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