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Book Review Author: Eva Mor Last Updated: Sep 7, 2017 - 10:11:17 PM

Making the Golden Years

By Eva Mor
Jun 21, 2009 - 12:15:32 AM

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Sources of Information to Guide You in Making the Right Decisions for Living Better, Healthier, Independently and Stress-Free

( - Within 10 years, there will be 77 million people age 55 and older. The number of Americans over 85 will increase to 4.2 million, an increase of 44 percent in only one decade, according to the U.S. Department on Aging. Despite these numbers, few baby boomers are ready for their parents’ aging, let alone their own. Today, some 15 million children already care for elderly parents.

MAKING THE GOLDEN YEARS GOLDEN by Dr. Eva Mor provides a thorough and concise plan to meet these challenges. An epidemiologist and specialist in gerontology and health-care management, Dr. Mor has worked with the elderly for 23 years in long-term care facilities, acute hospitals and centers for chronic disease. She has dedicated her life to the betterment of seniors.

“One cannot discuss the subject of the aged without examining the economic implications of their lives,” Dr. Mor declares. The facts are staggering. Of the 4.2 million people over the age of 85, the median of all sources of income for men is $21,102 and $12,080 for women, according to AARP. To compound the problem, 73 percent of people over 80 have at least one disability and of those, half have several, often severe. Some 2.7 million are living with Alzheimer’s disease, creating a higher mortality rate than diabetes, according to USA Today. Yet the cost of care exceeds most seniors’ ability to pay. MAKING THE GOLDEN YEARS GOLDEN reveals that:

Medicare covers 100 percent of costs for only 20 days and partial cost for 80 days.
A year’s stay in a nursing home averages $70,000 with the average stay being 2.5 years.
Assisted living facilities are not covered by Medicare and can range from $40,000 to $100,000 a year.
A licensed, reputable home health aide is $20 per hour.
Adult day care averages $64 per day.

In order to meet these challenges, baby boomers need to be prepared. MAKING THE GOLDEN YEARS GOLDEN shows the reader how to plan for financial and health realities and how to set up legal protection, including protecting the elderly from scams and abuse. “While all Americans are vulnerable, seniors are especially easy prey,” Dr. Mor points out.

Half of the $40 billion swindled away from Americans by unscrupulous telemarketers was taken from the elderly.
Some 500,000 cases of elder abuse were reported in 2006. Many more cases go unreported.
The names of 4.7 million seniors with advanced illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and cancer have been sold to buyers looking to make money, according to The New York Times.
Final wishes are often overlooked because of a lack of adequate will and estate planning.

These legal protections are especially critical for the growing population who stay in their own homes until the end of their lives. “Remaining in your own home is the best of all possibilities for maintaining quality of life and with careful planning it can be a viable option,” according to Dr. Mor. To make the home safe, she provides a checklist of ways to track prescriptions and daily medication; safety proof bathrooms, kitchen and bedroom; prepare for any emergency; find unsuspected hazards; coordinate in-home care; and create a neighborhood network to look after elderly residents.

“Just as Hillary Clinton said that it takes a village to raise a child, we should apply the same formula to seniors. By coming together to care for our elderly, we are ultimately improving everyone’s quality of life,” Dr. Mor points out. “The key is to make your life, or the life of your parent, as rich as it could possibly be. I do believe we can make our golden years golden.”


Sources of Information to Guide You in Making the Right Decisions For
Living Better, Healthier, Independently and Stress-Free
By Eva Mor
May 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4389-3930-8 (sc)

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