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Health at Gun Point
Apr 7, 2014 - 12:25:38 PM

( - Who controls the Food and Drug Administration and what are the real goals of this powerful agency? Why are dietary supplements so often regarded with skepticism and concern when, every day, people all over the world experience negative side effects from supposedly safe pharmaceutical drugs? And, most important, do Americans really have freedom of choice when it comes to matters of health? In Health at Gunpoint, award-winning health writer James Gormley explores all of these questions and more-bringing into clear focus the silent war that is now being waged by the FDA against American consumers.

This important new book traces the history of the natural health movement in the United States, revealing how the FDA-an agency established with honorable intentions-has become tainted by lobbyists and money. In addition to exposing the FDA's long-standing battle against natural health products, Gormley examines how big business, industry, globalization, and politics have affected the quality and production of our food supply, destroyed the environment, and compromised our safety and health time and time again.

In other countries, access to dietary supplements is becoming increasingly limited, and the FDA is now poised to move the United States in the same direction. Health at Gunpoint not only sheds light on this situation, but also explains what readers can do to take back their health-and freedom of choice.

About the Author

James J. Gormley is an award-winning journalist, editor and consumer advocate with over twenty years of experience in health and the natural products field. His articles have appeared in consumer magazines and scientific journals, and he has helped lead a number of important grassroots campaigns, including the recent consumer petition campaign to protect nutritional ingredients from FDA over-reach. He has managed regulatory submissions to the FDA and the European Food Safety Authority and has served on the U.S. delegation to FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission meetings in Paris and Rome. Mr. Gormley is the author of five other books, including The User's Guide to Brain-Boosting Supplements.

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