Book Review
'Behind The Locked Door: Understanding My Life as an Autistic'
Apr 3, 2017 - 1:35:53 PM

( - Paul Louden (, an autistic adult, bravely shares personal narratives to bridge understanding between those with autism and those without. With compelling detail, Paul invites those wired neuro-typically into his autistic experiences. Paul tackles tough stuff such as motivation for hygiene, difficulty sustaining family bonds and differences in emotional memory.
Paul also shares hidden aspects of daily life with clarity, courage and humor. In doing so, readers discover a respect for neurological differences.
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This book is more than a how-to manual; the material within allows others to create their own personalized road-map toward more empathic responses, better interactions, and deeper understanding of each other. Anecdotes from Paul and his parents provide an understanding of what it means to live with someone with a neurology different than your own.
About Paul Louden
Paul Louden is a noted public speaker, radio show host, and author of "Behind The Locked Door: Understanding My Life as an Autistic." As an adult on the autism spectrum, Paul is able to provide a unique perspective into the autistic mind.


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